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Meissen Monkey Orchestra Triangle Player

Meissen Monkey Orchestra Triangle Player

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The "Triangle Player" is one of the famous "Monkey Chapel" collectible figures, originally created in 1753 by Johann Joachim Kaendler and reissued in 2020 by modeler Silke Ebermann - to the delight of many lovers of exclusive collectible figures with a passion for Meissen arts and crafts.

Kaendler, Meissen's first model master and one of the greats of his craft, held an ironic mirror up to courtly society with his hand-painted figurines, lovable monkeys in noble human dresses. Then as now, assembled by hand as well as hand-painted, Kaendler's monkeys possess a special charm. As individual pieces or ensemble, each figure of the total of 21 monkey musicians carries a part of the history of MEISSEN.

Materials: Porcelain
Height: 15 cm
Width: 7 cm
Depth: 6 cm
Weight: 220 g
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