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Baccarat Vega Barware Highball, Set of 2

Baccarat Vega Barware Highball, Set of 2

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Vega Barware Highball (Discontinued)

The Vega Clear crystal highball glass has a sleek and modern silhouette. The geometric base is eye-catching, with a three-tiered beveled zigzag that evokes Brancusi’s sculptural totems. The lower angularity of the tumbler is all the more striking juxtaposed against smoothness of the upper Clear crystal outline. Whereas the flat upper sector highlights the translucence of the Clear crystal, the bevel cut has a multifaceted effect that intricately refracts the light. Designed for Baccarat by Savinel & Rozé, this innovative flourish greatly adds to the enjoyment of sipping a smooth drink. The Vega bar and stemware further extends to champagne flutes, martini glasses, and a whiskey decanter. The Vega collection also encompasses home décor in the form of candlesticks, clocks, and photo frames.

Capacity: 35cl /11 4/5oz
Height: 14cm

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